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Cyber security

Ensuring the security of information systems has become a central issue for businesses and is consistently rated a top 5 risk in global risk rankings.

More than 65% of companies surveyed by CESIN, the French club for cybersecurity experts, reported having been the target of at least one cyberattack. In order to protect the data-related assets of your business, including personal data, it is therefore essential to adapt your security strategy to reduce the threats faced by the business (malware, internal fraud, industrial espionage, impact on reputation,…), to implement detection solutions and to react to an attack in an appropriate and timely manner. We propose to assist you in securing the activities of your business which are most at risk. Our solutions are based on the best methodologies and frameworks available, including ANSSI, ISO 27001, COBIT, and EBIOS:

  • review and definition of your risk management strategy (governance, organization, and principles),
  • advising executives and the CISO,
  • change management training,
  • definition and implementation of control systems for IT and operations (architecture, applications, identity and access management, task separation, flow analysis,…) in order to strengthen the protection of sensitive data and transactions,
  • security audit and cyber risk mapping,
  • preparation for security certification (ISO, SOC2, …),
  • assistance with crisis preparedness and management (business continuity plan and activity recovery plan).

You can count on us to cover all your business issues and implement tailored and practical solutions underpinned by high-level technical expertise and engaged partners.

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