Sustainable development & ESG

ESG strategy

In a world affected by climate change, the depletion of resources, the increasingly demanding expectations of stakeholders and the intensification of regulatory requirements, the implementation of an ESG strategy becomes a necessity as well as a source of value creation and resilience for your organization.

Our experts help you affirm your ESG strategy and make it relevant thanks to relevant and reliable information. They assist you throughout the implementation of your ESG and Sustainable Development policies:

  • creation of ESG and Sustainable Development policies: mapping of stakeholders, mapping of ESG and Sustainable Development issues, assessment of the maturity of the policies in place, development of action plans and reporting to be implemented
  • monitoring of the regulatory environment, sector analysis and training of your teams on sustainability matters
  • assistance in bringing your organization into compliance with non-financial regulations and securing published information: carbon footprint, dual materiality, CSRD, Green Taxonomy, etc
  • preparation and review of your ESG reporting, whether voluntary, regulatorily or for external stakeholders (rating agencies, review of ESG labels, etc.)

Our approach is pragmatic and adapted to your challenges and constraints. We are also able to verify the consistency between your financial and non-financial information.

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