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HR & payroll

Human ressources are an essential part of the strategy for any business. Our role is to help you gain effective control over:

  1. Payroll:
    • a constantly updated knowledge of statutory and legislative changes is essential to protect the business executives from litigation. We have the experts and the tools required to offer a managed payroll service, either through a completely outsourced process or through the use of our dedicated software configurable to your needs.
  2. Social issues. We are experts in the field:
    • The different stages of the employment contract: drafting the contract (analysing recruitment costs, subsidies, regulations, and obligations), performing the associated administrative formalities and procedures, and in some cases terminating the employment contract following a mutually agreed termination or a dismissal for misconduct or for economic reasons, etc.
    • Representative bodies: assistance interacting with representative bodies including elections, creation, meeting reports, etc., whether it be to motivate employees or to solve conflicts.
  3. HR advisory:
    • We draft the necessary documents and follow up on on-going procedures with the aim of best managing the relationship with the authorities, the employees, and the worker representatives. We can also help you develop the tools needed for your business.
    • Outsourcing of administrative tasks:
      • managing the visits with occupational health services,
      • managing sick leave,
      • setting up software to manage paid annual leave: scheduling, processing applications, and responses.
    • Human Resources Management:
      • material for annual and professional appraisals,
      • preparation of risk assessment documents,
      • organization and management of working hours,
      • setting up of a customized and computerized data base for economic and social data,
      • assessment of the business’s social climate,
      • analysis of HR signage requirements,
      • optimizing remuneration for employees and executives, impact of the social status on remuneration, and social protection for executives,
      • career review to optimize retirement benefits.
  4. Audits of social issues, payroll, social risks, etc.
    • We tailor our audits to the size of your business and to your needs. We identify risks, make recommendations, and help you to apply them. We analyse existing and past issues in order to assess social risks and propose methods for improvement or harmonisation. These audits are conducted in different contexts:
      • compliance with labour laws and payroll regulations,
      • audit following an acquisition or a reorganization of the workforce,
      • preparation for audits for the authorities and proposing amicable settlements,
      • training of your executives and HR teams on legal issues.

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