Operational performance & risk management


When dealing with restructuring, our aim is to produce reliable financial data despite an often uncertain context, in order to assist our clients as they go through periods of underperformance or other difficulties such as amicable settlement procedures or collective proceedings.

Decision-makers may be exposed to extreme and complex challenges whereby they are forced to make difficult and disruptive decisions, outside of the situations they encounter during the normal course of business.

Such decisions require rapid action. We are able to provide hybrid solutions combining multiple skills from a range of fields including financial, legal, and organizational that address the particularities of the situation, be it contentious or amicable. Our multidisciplinary teams cover a wide range of the required expertise. Not to mention extensive experience with a vast range of situations that equips us for assignments such as:

  • assisting in the development and implementation of restructuring plans in amicable or contentious contexts through the establishment or review of monthly cash flow forecasts used by our clients as a tool for decision making,
  • guidance for preventive approaches (ad-hoc mandate, safeguard) or preparation of insolvency proceedings with the preparation and analysis of numbers to reflect the situation, a forecast of financing requirements, and the impact of alternative scenarios such as carve-out, restructuring, and divestiture,
  • support during periods of disruption or crisis from professionals with expertise adapted to the situation and issues, and with sufficient experience to know when to choose between urgency and the need for accurate financial reporting.

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