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Regardless of the opportunity, investing in, buying or selling a business is a high stakes endeavour with many inherent risks which requires an understanding of all the aspects of the transaction. Our dedicated Transaction teams provide a multidisciplinary perspective and allow you to minimize risks.

We guide you throughout the entire process: prior to execution (pre-diagnostic), during the execution (audit phase), after the execution (integration of businesses after an acquisition).

Recognizing that the challenges of these operations require informed decision-making, we provide expertise that combines an understanding of the specificities of each industry, of the economic issues and models at stake, as well as an appreciation of their financial impact.

We help our clients, be it an investment fund or a business, make informed decisions:

  • acquisition audit (buy-side) through financial due diligence on the historical and regular performance of the investment target as well as cash flow analysis and forecasting: working capital, cash flow, net debt, normative financial structure, etc.,
  • vendor due diligence (sell-side), preparing reports outlining the company’s operational profitability and cash flow, as well as assistance with the development of the data room/data pack, and with the answers to give to investors’ questions,
  • assistance with negotiation using measurements of risks and stakes identified during audits and using impact simulations based on the price structure (components of debt, earn-out clause, etc),
  • preparation of carve-out transactions with determination of the potential impact on the company’s strategy, definition of the needs of the carve-out activity, and calculations of required initial and pre-divestiture financings,

post-transaction monitoring and help with integrating the target in the group with the application of consistent accounting principles and assessment of impacts and identification of functional risks, for IT or HR for example. This is followed up by a recommendation plan and its implementation in consultation with internal teams.

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