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Companies with a stated mission

The “PACTE” law of 2019 voted by the French parliament established the concept of a “company with a stated mission”, allowing companies to commit to social and environmental objectives in their articles of incorporation.

To guarantee the reality of this commitment, the law imposes controls by an Independent Third-party Organization (OTI), which assesses the adequacy of the company’s actions with respect to its stated mission, thus ensuring transparency and credibility.

As an Independent Third-party Organization, Advolis Orfis can perform the verification of your company’s status with respect to this new law, by carrying out the following verification process:

  • Understanding your stated mission model in order to ensure the operational application of your statutory commitments in your businesses;
  • Review of the resources you have allocated to your mission (governance put in place, actions taken, financial and non-financial resources associated with your commitments, etc.);
  • Verification of the fulfilment of your objectives through discussions with your Mission Committee and possibly with your stakeholders, and the implementation of accuracy tests on the information communicated by your company;
  • Issuance of a reasoned opinion evaluating compliance with your stated objectives. This opinion builds on the conclusions of the previous stages.

The control methods are detailed in our program for verifying the execution of the objectives of the company in version 2 (available on request).

Please note that any verification work is subject to prior acceptance, in compliance with the commitments of independence and impartiality made by the management and all members of the verification team (commitment pledge available on request ).

In addition, we have a procedure for handling communications and complaints, likewise available on request.

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