Management advisory

Taxation of entreprises & owners

Ensure robust management of your tax affairs in a complex environment with constantly shifting legislation.

Our services include:

  1. Advice from tax experts for the optimal management of your tax issues:
    • anticipate how operational changes in your business will impact your taxes,
    • expand your business in France and abroad with control over your taxation,
    • anticipate and manage tax audits.
  2. Reliable audit trail:
    • assistance with internal audits of invoicing systems in the context of increasingly far-reaching VAT inspections,
    • ensure methodical VAT repayments,
    • preparation of documentation.
  3. VAT represents 50% of all taxes collected. It is therefore an important issue for both your business and the tax authorities:
    • assistance with setting up effective organizational structure in France and abroad,
    • advice on practical implementation of VAT in France and abroad,
    • review of compliance with reporting rules and obligatory declarations.
  4. International development generates new issues:
    • Which is the best structure for my business?
    • Which VAT regime is the most appropriate?
    • How to apply transfer pricing within the group?
    • As members of the global association Allinial Global, we provide assistance around the world.
  5. Training: regular updates about constantly changing tax rules to protect yourself against tax audits.  As an accredited training entity, we offer customized training to your employees:
    • training teams on VAT issues,
    • checking and optimizing your company’s tax result,
    • optimising the configuration of your ERP,
    • sharing up-to-date knowledge.
  6. Estate planning: A key and complex subject for entrepreneurs. We advise you on:
    • estate planning,
    • reducing your tax burden,
    • wealth transfer planning,
    • preparing for retirement,
    • calculating your wealth tax liability,
    • calculating your personal income tax liability.

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