Sustainable development & ESG

Extended producer responsibility

Because preserving the planet is the responsibility of all of us, the circular economy contributes to reducing waste at source and managing the product life-cycle.

We have been working for almost 10 years in the field of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), with marketers and eco-organizations.

Our experts perform consulting, assistance or verification work, drawing on their skills in internal control, financial management and information systems.

Benefiting from a thorough knowledge of regulatory obligations and ESG issues, they work on the following main themes:

  • optimization and security of the declaratory process of marketing by members of eco-organizations
  • regulatory control of marketing declarations made to eco-organizations within the framework of extended producer responsibility (EPR sectors)
  • assistance to eco-organizations for the allocation of costs and compliance with their obligations by sector, as well as for the operational and financial monitoring of downstream service providers and outlets.

Advolis is accredited by COFRAC Inspection (accreditation n°3-1675 – scope available on for area 12.7.2 relating to verifications carried out within the framework of the obligations of the approval specifications for eco-organizations in the Extended Producer Responsibility categories.Any verification work is subject to prior acceptance, in compliance with the commitments of independence and impartiality made by management and all members of the verification team. We also have a complaints procedure, also available on request.

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